Design Process


The design process begins with listening. First, our clients detail their needs and desires — as we take note. This is the most important aspect of our process. Most likely we will ask questions, probably several, to determine how you envision utilizing your space. Once a vision has been communicated — we move outside.

Site Review

In this step we review your site and establish a “game plan.” Although each site brings it’s own unique challenges, or as we call them possibilities, nothing will stop Tucker Design from realizing your vision. After a careful review of your site — we return to our offices to develop a conceptual design. Once completed, our ideas are shared with you, the client, and a direction is discussed.

Design and Development

As the design is further developed — the Tucker Design team creates a project timeline and prepares proper construction documentation. Refinements to the initial vision are made, and a start date is set.

Construction and Visualization

Once the design process is complete, the exciting transformation of your landscape commences. Our production staff manages every detail of the implementation. From beginning to end — you know exactly who to contact regarding your project. In fact, because client involvement is encouraged — the Tucker Team will be in contact with you regularly throughout the process. This ensures that the final design reflects your signature style.